The Reality of The Gospel Ministries, Inc.

From the time I got filled with the Holy Ghost there has been a holy fire in my bones.

I started my ministry unheard of and unknown. Everywhere I went in the beginning I went uninvited and unknown. I would fast and pray until God spoke to me and told me where to go. I would advertise the meeting and believe God that someone would come.
Within two years I had been invited to preach in 22 states. By the time my ministry was five years old I had preached in three foreign countries, was hosting my own telecast, and had published my first two books. The amazing thing is I had never even preached a meeting in my own home church. Finally my pastor asked me to hold a meeting in my home church. I want you to know that God will do the same thing for you if you will obey him and stay under spiritual authority.



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